I was born and raised in France. My father is an entrepreneur and very early on I realized how I enjoyed discussing with him all aspects of running a business. After completing undergraduate degrees in Mathematics and Physics I received my Masters in Business Management from the Toulouse Business School with a specialization in corporate finance. During that time, I worked as an intern for businesses in various industries to broaden my experience.

After completing my education in France and Spain I moved to the Bay Area in 2003. For a few years I worked at jobs that gave me a sense of the local culture and allowed me to improve my English. In 2005 I accepted a job offer from General Hydroponics as a Business Development Manager where I was able to apply the knowledge I had acquired in Europe. For over a decade, I worked on every aspect of the business and supported its growth. I also had the opportunity to implement some of my personal ideas and concepts that I now offer my clients.

After many years of steady growth, General Hydroponics was sold to Scotts Miracle Gro in 2015. I remained with the company for 2 1/2 years and was exposed to many of the integration dynamics; specifically the financial, information system, human resources and Sarbanes Oaxley aspects. This gave me a good sense of how a successful corporation runs its operations and it also expanded upon the experience I had acquired working for a small company.

In 2018 my wife Amy and I started Herban Allies, a company whose goal is to cultivate healthy & resilient lifestyles and provide solutions for the challenges inherent in urban living.

In parallel to my work experience, I have always been interested in regenerative design, which led me to work on innovative projects in the hydroponics industry such as green walls and roofs. I also completed a 6 month permaculture design certification course with the local sustainability non-profit Daily Acts.

I am a native French speaker, and am fluent in English and proficient in Spanish. I enjoy working with all kinds of people and love working with individuals that have a passion for what they do. 

I look forward to working with you!