I love all types of businesses. I enjoy diving with entrepreneurs into their vision, assisting them to bring it into a concrete business plan and supporting them in its execution. During this journey I apply key concepts that are my signature in the work I do:

balance in the business world

I have seen many businesses undermine their own success by not taking the time to properly understand what they wanted to manifest. In contrast, I have witnessed many entrepreneurs spend far too much time in the world of ideas without anchoring them into reality. I believe that balancing the intuitive and the rational, the tangible and the non-tangible, is a primary reason businesses succeed.

This is why one of the first actions I take is to assess if my clients are balanced in this area. We can then make adjustments if needed.


Another essential aspect to develop your business is to know how to observe the elements that no longer serve and replace them with new and improved ones. This dynamic transformation, if done with awareness, is fundamental to optimize the value generated . Shedding the old and replacing with the new is a rewarding and organic way to grow.

Economy of Experience 

Every business is about offering experiences. Every interaction it has with its community defines a fundamental relationship that creates an experience for the client, customer, vendor, partner, employee, etc. Each of these relationships has the potential to create value for the business, and their aggregation is the overall experience the business provides to its community. Often businesses are primarily focused on the main products or services they sell. Looking at your business from an experience perspective allows us to recognize the value that less tangible initiatives create, thus maximizing the overall value for the business.