As a consultant I will work with you to get a fresh perspective on every aspect of your business. Together we will devise a clear vision and then plan and execute its implementation.

branding strategy

I place great emphasis on getting a clear picture of your brand.

  • How did it come to be?

  • What are its core values?

  • What is its value proposition?

  • Why is now a good time for it?

  • What space will you operate your brand in?

  • What community are you targeting?

  • What key experiences do you intend to provide?

The answers to these key questions allow me to define the DNA of your business. When this step is thoroughly completed it becomes easier to execute your vision without diluting it.

Operational Planning

Once the positioning of the brand is well understood we then move on to operational planning. This includes:

  • Experience pipeline with tools to evaluate ROI

  • Sales planning - distribution channel, revenue model, sales force etc.

  • Marketing planning - marketing channels (digital, print), sampling, swag etc.

  • Supply chain & operations - capacity planning, machinery and automation, legal framework, processes

  • Information systems needs- CRM, Accounting, ERP etc.

  • Staffing and HR- evaluation of needs per department

Financial Planning

Once the operational plan is clearly defined, we then co-design the financial model. This includes:

  • P&L

  • Balance Sheet

  • Cash Flow table

  • CAP table

pitch decks and business plans

I can help you create:

Business plans - an in depth business model and set of data (financial and operational analytics).

Pitch decks - a presentation of the key elements of the business plan for potential investors/partners.

Support execution of plan

In this phase I help you work on processes and training. I can also help you set up optimal information systems and design analytical tools that will empower you to drive your business.

Performance evaluation

Once the business is operating, I help you design metrics that give you an indication of how your business performs compared to your plan, as well as over time. These include ways to measure how you are performing in regards to your core values as well as operationally and financially. These metrics are custom designed to best fit to your business' unique needs.

On a regular basis we analyze the actual data and compare it to the plan in order to evaluate what type of adjustments are needed; either on the planning & vision side and/or the execution side.